About Us

SCOPA (Seed Crushers and Oil Processors Association) represents companies in the UK engaged in oilseed crushing and vegetable oil refining.

SCOPA advocates the interests of the UK vegetable oil and protein meal industry to public and private organisations, notably UK Government and institutions, but also international bodies and stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, civil society, with a view to ensuring a beneficial business environment. This involves formulating industry positions; developing principles and good manufacturing practices, ensuring the quality and safety of our products; engaging on raw material supply and trade issues both at UK and international levels. In doing this we ensure SCOPA is represented in work groups and committees to further the interests of our industry. For example, SCOPA has a seat on the Crops Board of the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme. SCOPA also continues to represent the interests of the industry in Europe through its membership of FEDIOL, the EU Association.

Our industry processes rapeseed and soyabeans, and the oils from other oleaginous fruits and nuts, for the production of vegetable oils, mainly for human consumption but also for animal feed and for technical purposes. The industry also produces oilseed meals which are used as protein rich animal feeds. Collectively, SCOPA members produce, on an annual basis, more than 1.2 million tonnes of refined oils and fats, and over 1.6 million tonnes of high protein meals.

Oil Palm fruits with palm plantation background.

SCOPA Crushers

SCOPA crushers handle both homegrown and imported rapeseed as well as imported soyabeans. UK grown rapeseed accounts for most of the total UK crush. Imported rapeseed is mainly from Europe and soyabeans are mainly from the US, Brazil and Argentina. Oilseed crushing results in the production of crude vegetable oils for further processing and high protein meals for animal feed. Usually crushing plants have integrated refining facilities that produce oil products which can be intended for food, feed or technical uses.

close up of a soybean
A group of oil palm fruits on the sack bag

SCOPA Refiners

Refiners process these crude vegetable oils as well as other imported vegetable oils, such as sunflower, palm and palm kernel oils, to produce a range of refined oils and fats for both food and non-food use. The sunflower oil comes mainly from Europe, while palm oil comes mainly from Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and Indonesia.